Legal alliance Worldwide

L.A.W. is a club of law firms sharing a common professional vision and philosophy. L.A.W. has been created to provide a vehicle for clients to obtain competent and responsive legal services by linking a network of peer firm members for referral of legal matters in the main geographies starting from Asia and Europe and expanding worldwide.

L.A.W. maintains a policy of territorial expertise, with one L.A.W. member firm serving a particular geographic area and/or center of legal competence and industry specialization. Our selective membership ensures expertise, commitment and integrity throughout our network, providing clients with a powerful business advantage.

L.A.W. links carefully-vetted law firms in major economic centers worldwide, such that member firms can refer, when their clients need assistance, outside their home jurisdiction, and/or area of expertise.

L.A.W. is ready to offer clients a level of service with direct, specialized and tailored local market knowledge with multi language capabilities, wherever a client is based.

L.A.W. members are not affiliated in the joint practice of law; each member firm is an indipendent law firm and renders professional services on an individual and separate basis.